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Welcome to Your Future

Today is the day that you are the best you've ever been as a football player.

If you prepare daily correctly as an athlete, today you should be the worst football player you will ever be. 


At Team Attack Academy, our goal is to raise ourselves to the highest level of play for our team.  We know that championships are won by the players and coaches that are constantly improving every day because they are dedicated to be better - Every Day - Week by Week.

At TAA, our athletes put their team and their coaches at the highest priority.  TAA is a supplemental program designed to help the athlete, the coach and their team.

Our founder, Coach Ryan Mullaney, found that when trying to develop players with high school teams he coached (with over 100 players) he and his staff weren't capable of developing all of his players to the highest point they could achieve.  Reasons for this dilemma were multiple: not enough staff, not enough time, not enough space, too many players to fit a maximum training regimen.  Coach "Mulls" realized that the best and most committed players were being short-changed waiting for other players to catch up or vise versa. The younger or less experienced players lost out because the training was too intense.

So he founded Team Attack Academy to give players and coaches a great tool to trust that TAA will develop every aspect of training a football player in every way - every position - in the offseason.   He didn't trust his knowledge level nor anyone else's.  So he personally (and with other great coaches) visited over 200 college campuses to learn every position and what a college athlete looked like at every level.  Then he learned all the aspects of training, diet, movement, position skills, speed, etc.  


Simply put, Coach Mulls and his team are still doing the research and never quitting to make sure the athletes of TAA will be the best they can be. 

Work it.  Defeat it. Walk Away a Champion!!!

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Some Of Our Coaches At Mile High Stadium

Over 1000 Member Players in College Receiving Financial Aid!

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Intense Training
Position - Skills - Speed - Power and Training
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Our player's lives begin to change the first day they join TAA because they feel the unique nature and approach to radical growth in the sport.  This program is not for everybody.  Your desire to be the best player you can be will be tested.  The strong who don't quit always make it to their goals.  We make sure of that.

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