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Financial Aid
For those that can't afford the TAA program.


Team Attack Academy is not an expense.  It is a great investment in yourself or your athlete.  The return on money spent is enormous for those that complete the program. No single athlete ever completed this program without getting 10 to 30 or more times the return on the money spent by receiving the college educational aid to offset the expense.  Compared to all football training organizations that work daily and weekly with high school athletes, if the athlete shows up for TAA's program the cost per hour can be 95% less expensive.

That being said, Coach Mulls and the other coaches at TAA have empathy for those that are not able to pay anything due to financial distress yet have the desire to achieve in the game of football.  The only criteria for getting this aid is a strong desire to achieve a college education.  The coaches will help get you there with financial aid to get you through the program.  The consideration for financial aid is on a case by case basis.  Sign up and leave us a note and how to get hold of you and we will start the process. 

At TAA, we work with the able bodied committed athlete to achieve their dreams.

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Work it...Defeat it...Walk Away a Champion!!!


We are always looking for athletes who want to achieve but can't afford it.  Reach out to us.


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