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"We will get every athlete through our developmental process that doesn't quit!"
Coach Ryan Mullaney

Level 1:

Every single player that joins Team Attack Academy comes in as the first level.  They come in as athletes.  Our job, both TAA and the athlete, is to get to college "Prospect" level as soon as possible.  Don't want to play in college?  That's ok.   You must be at college prospect level to be the best for your team.  The best players in high school are usually college ready players.

Level 2:

A "Prospect" is an athlete that has drawn the interest of the college coaches, the "All league", "All Region" or "All State" level of performance for their teams even achieving national recognition as possible elite players.  This will definitely draw the attention of college programs around the country.  When a player makes "Prospect" in our program, we will see that their opponents respect them as well. College coaches will ask all of our Prospect's opponents who the best player are. 

Level 3:

The "Recruit" level happens when college coaches start calling, coming by to see the prospect (whether the "Prospect" wants them to or not).  College recruiting is the most competitive part of the off season for colleges and the athletes.  When our athletes make it to this level, they all draw a lot of interest from college coaches.

Level 4:

The "Signee" is the final level of our program.  Even if you don't want to play in college, most of our athletes either quit our program or they become recruits very tempted to continue they play at the next level.  TAA has had over 1800 players sign scholarships and financial aid to play in college over 15 years.  We have watched many "hardship" athletes become the first male members of their families to attend college.  We have watched so many become great with a surprising number that made it through college to the NFL.  Most get their education in college and are ready to take on the world because they are tough, smart, competitive and ready to get to life with TAA as a strong contributing factor.

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