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Pricing Explained

Please read this. Understanding our fees will prove that this is one of the most financially affordable programs in the U.S.

Team Attack Academy over rewards the cost of this program to those that stick to it and finish the program.  Our fee structure is set up so those that quit the program pay the highest price.  YES, JUST LIKE LIFE.  If you quit you lose.  You pay the price.  If you win you get the reward.

Imagine paying for 300 hours of training with a trainer at $60 and hour (fairly cheap hourly for what is actually charged).  The total for that amount of training at that price would be $18,000.  In the TAA program we expect our athletes to put in 300 hours minimum (per year) of training, along with position and Football IQ management consulting while moving from athletes to recruits  Also the athlete will be building relationships with coaches, teachers, admin to develop leadership and communication skills.  When our clients pay the $1800 up front, for 300 hours minimum a year our clients pay $6 an hour for the first segment of their growth training.  300 hours is a minimum expectation.  That would be the "Athlete" level and levels of training above "Athlete" for years to come.

TAA has athletes in the NFL that continued training all the way through college.  One such athlete that graduated college paid TAA 3 cents an hour over the life span of his program at TAA by putting so many hours in the program, every hour he drove the hourly cost down.  With other organized training companies and individuals his training would have cost in the tens of thousands of dollars

Not all our athletes make it to the "Prospect" level in their first year.  Some take as long as 3 years.  For that, our clients are still working off the initial $1800.  TAA does not cut or fire kids from our program.  It is rigorous.  We are motivated to get every athlete to the "Prospect" level.  This level requires NEW HOURS ADDED to the training because we are beginning strong assistance to the recruiting process while still working all of the "Athlete" level training.  The $1000 goes to supplement another minimum of 300 hours of training and consulation with the athletes and the players adding in the new recruiting element.

And so the work continues to the "Recruiting" level even more work is required in managing the recruiting process.  Now you should be understanding that the harder the athlete works and achieves the less expensive this program becomes by dividing the money paid by the hours of work.

After the athlete graduates high school they are TAA members for life and can train offseason (or inseason if needed) at no cost (other than facility fees) through college.  

If your athlete quits the program after you put your initial $1800 in after the second session, TAA does not refund the money.  You or your athlete have paid $900 a session as it should be.

Last, TAA doesn't take the best athletes, we take the most committed athletes we can find during the interview process.  We average enrolling one out of five athletes we interview and do not allow the other four into the program ALL BASED ON DESIRE AND COMMITMENT of the athlete.   



At Team Attack Academy

The Winners Win and the Quitters Pay.

That is the way the athlete's entire career lives work as well.

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